Dear Editor…

There seems to be nothing ‘controversial’ about Pret’s recruitment (Why can’t a Brit get a job at Pret? – 23rd January 2012) – rather, it seems to do a fantastic job of securing them enthusiastic employees, focussed on giving the customer a top level of service. I run a recruitment outsourcing business, and read your … Continue reading Dear Editor…

What are talent pools?

A talent pool is typically defined as a database consisting of profiles of candidates who are actively interested in your organisation. If companies have to fill a vacancy, they can draw on the talent pool and look for a means of profile-matching appropriate applicants and job opportunities. In the RPO world they are a great … Continue reading What are talent pools?

Personal Interests and Hobbies on Job Applications

  We are seeing more and more employers add personal interests and hobbies to their short listing criteria, giving more weight to this area of an application as a potential deciding factor during a selection process. At Cohesion we screen thousands of job applications daily on behalf of our clients, working to set criteria that we … Continue reading Personal Interests and Hobbies on Job Applications

Assessment Centre Tips

  What happens at an assessment centre? Assessment centres have always been prominent within recruitment. Traditionally they were used for bulk recruitment campaigns aimed at graduate or junior level roles; however more recently, there has been a trend towards applying the same techniques to more senior positions. This method of selection normally consists of a … Continue reading Assessment Centre Tips

Why Do Exit and Retention Interviews?

What are Retention / Exit interviews? Simply put it’s calling your employees or ex-employees and, preferably independently, obtaining open honest feedback on what they think of your company. The information collected in an exit interview can give a company a unique perspective on its performance as an employer and employee satisfaction. People who leave are … Continue reading Why Do Exit and Retention Interviews?

The Benefits of using Telephone Interviews

Although telephone interviewing as a selection tool has been in existence for a number of years now, recently more and more companies are recruiting both permanent and temporary staff using the telephone interviewing method, as well as a way to create a ‘talent pool’ for up and coming roles. It is typically used as an … Continue reading The Benefits of using Telephone Interviews

Why recruitment needs Management Information

With millions spent on recruitment every year the importance of good information to guide your recruitment is paramount. Do you know how much you are spending on recruitment, do you know where it is being spent, and do you know if the money spent is getting the results you wanted? Good management information can tell … Continue reading Why recruitment needs Management Information

The benefits of an industrial placement year

Industrial placements can be massively beneficial. Nowadays more and more people are attending university. In the early sixties, only one in twenty school leavers went to university, today it is one in three (source: This suggests that although a degree is hugely beneficial, it is not something that is guaranteed to make a person … Continue reading The benefits of an industrial placement year

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