Amanda Marques

Operations Director,
Graduates and Campaign recruitment

Amanda co-owns Cohesion and describes acquiring the business in 2009 as her proudest achievement. She lives and breathes recruitment, explaining “that’s what it’s been all about since I left University”.

An expert in the field, Amanda works to ensure that we are the best recruitment team our clients have ever worked with. She is passionate about finding, keeping and developing the careers of talented recruiters at Cohesion and describes this as being “just as important for us as for our clients.”

Amanda loves working in recruitment because of its fast-paced nature, she explains that ‘nothing stands still’, and neither does she. Amanda moved to New York in 2000, a city that she loved living and working in and continues to visit regularly.

What makes us experts/what makes you an expert?
Our recruitment expertise is founded in our knowledge and experience, but it’s our commitment to using, refining and developing it as a tool to influence what we do every day that continues to make us successful.  We’re experts in recruitment practice – and we use it to deliver phenomenal solutions for our clients. 

What is your favourite thing about working at Cohesion?
Understanding the impact of the work we do on the businesses we support.   The stories I hear from candidates and clients make me incredibly proud of the Cohesion team and the results we deliver.

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