KuLlY Bhirth

Specialist Recruiter, 
Managed Services

Kully is a problem solver with a positive outlook and the confidence to offer an honest and transparent service to our clients. She joined Cohesion in 2013 prior to working in Singapore for 2 years.

With 6 years of recruitment experience, Kully specialises in temporary recruitment within the Housing and Social Care sector. She delivers high calibre candidates within restricted timescales and works out of hours, being on-hand 24/7 for our clients.

Kully is passionate about offering a tailored service to clients and candidates alike, she gains satisfaction from knowing that she’s making a difference. This is evident from her time spent in Far East Asia, where she taught under-privileged children English and Maths skills.

What do you love about recruitment?
I engage with clients and candidates on a daily basis and I love listening to their stories and helping them make the right decision. Being the person who has had an impact on their lives and/or business is an exciting part of what I do. 

What is the best part of your job?
Making job offers to people and seeing them progress in their careers is always an incentive in itself. Recruiting high volumes in a short time at a low cost with quality people is a challenge I face every day. I love overcoming those challenges and exceeding expectations.

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