Will Shepherd


Will was first associated with Cohesion in 2003 and describes becoming CEO in 2009 as a ‘privilege’. He has managed various forms of recruitment for 20 years and is passionate about delivering a high quality service and working innovatively to lead the growth of our business.

As a discipline, Will believes that recruitment should be much higher on the list of most company’s priorities. He is extremely keen to promote learning and development of staff throughout the business and describes the team at Cohesion as being “fantastic and passionate people.”

Will loves to share his ideas and creative thinking, both in his work at Cohesion and through his interest in wine. He describes having the opportunity to conduct wine tastings as a great way to share his passion.

What do you think sets Cohesion apart from other recruitment businesses?
We are nearing the start of the PhD that we are sponsoring with Aston University – a three year study to develop and improve testable recruitment models. This desire to constantly evolve the solutions we provide is what sets us apart. Our passion and innovation focus on how recruitment can be even better. 

Why do you look forward to coming to work?
Coming to an office full of passionate people who share my vision about changing the meaning of being a recruitment company is very exciting. And if my day at work includes spending time with one of the clients whose recruitment process we have transformed – even better!

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