Cohesion build a solution to spectrum Housings temporary recruitment

Spectrum Housing Group are a non-profit organisation – owning around 18,000 homes that help to create safe and sustainable communities. Cohesion started working with Spectrum Housing Group in May 2015, and have put the pieces together to secure a great partnership with Spectrum Housing Group – dealing with all of their temporary recruitment needs, filling around 5 urgent roles per month along the South Coast.  


“There was a real sense that Cohesion knew what we were looking for. They clearly understood what we needed and put a real focus on how they would effectively engage agencies and manage their performance, as well as ensuring that we achieved the right cost levels.”



Spectrum Housing Group were looking for an engaging recruitment partner with the ability to supply great quality temporary staff over a number of geographic locations. Cohesion’s experience of recruiting on a national basis, coupled with a neutral-vend approach meant that staffing demands could be met while agencies would be managed effectively and regularly engaged with.


“As with any procurement process we were looking for a solution that was clean, clear and financially efficient. Cohesion really stood out from the competition because of their commitment to building relationships with our own internal managers and the agencies on the PSL.”


Our Relationship with Spectrum Housing Group

We, at Cohesion, recently caught up with Recruitment HR Business Partner, Kevin Barnard, to find out his thoughts on Cohesion as a recruitment partner:

“From the very beginning of our relationship, Cohesion stood out because of their strong focus on partnership working and stakeholder engagement.

Because engagement is so important to us, we feel very positive about the onsite visits that Cohesion have been involved with. When you’re integrating one team with another, it’s important that they meet face to face. Our hiring managers have had the opportunity to ask questions first hand, and Cohesion have been able to walk them through the process and answer any questions with confidence.

As well as their commitment to building a partnership with us, Cohesion are delivering a service that’s providing very positive results. The people at Cohesion are great to work with and I’ve been impressed by how accessible and responsive both the Account Director and Account Manager have been. The customer service is excellent and you get the sense that everyone on the team has an understanding of the process and how to ensure it produces great results.

I see Cohesion as a partner and am very comfortable with them managing our temporary recruitment process."



We fill all of the temporary roles that Spectrum Housing Group ask us to – usually 4 or 5 per month. Temporary recruitment is an issue along the South Coast, due to the high volume of businesses competing for the same talent in the area. Because of this, we are proud that we fill 100% of vacancies.

As well as filling vacancies, we have also made a number of recommendations for permanent recruitment – which Spectrum Housing have taken on-board and have started to use. Our recommendations have received a lot of positive feedback from Spectrum Housing – they have had more success with their recruitment endeavours, and have increased their retention rates.


“Working with Cohesion is great for two reasons – firstly, the people and, secondly, the fact that they deliver on their promises. I’m very happy to say that they have lived up to my expectations - I would definitely recommend Cohesion as a recruitment partner.



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