Assessment Centres - do you have time? 

Assessment Centres are a great solution for anyone who needs to recruit a high volume of candidates. If run effectively, assessment centres will:

• Save you time

• Save you money

• Enhance your employment proposition and employer brand

• Offer the opportunity to engage with candidates

• Allow you to assess what a person can do, not what they know

• Give you the chance to assess candidates fairly and objectively

• Be adaptable to all types of positions

However, assessment centres require a lot of investment, both in terms of time and human resource. With so much admin and organisation needed, assessment centres can become an added and unwanted pressure - and with so much preparation involved, where do you start?

A partnership with Cohesion means access to invaluable support. We can help you along every step of the way, from offering extra observation and additional assessors to helping out with every stage of the process, including the organisation, facilitation and management of the assessment centres and “wash-up” sessions.

What sets us apart?

• We help design bespoke material that assesses the right competencies and ensures a perfect fit for your organisation.

• We do all of the preparation work before the Assessment Centre and spend time with candidates to brief them on what they should expect on the day ensuring high attendance rates.

We’ve run assessment centres for a number of clients, including Dyson, Kuehne + Nagel, Thames Water and Lafarge Tarmac, achieving excellent attendance and fill rates for each.

“Working with Cohesion has taken the pain out of the recruitment process- I haven’t had to worry so much about the schedule or where everyone needs to be. It’s been great to be able to step back- I’ve been able to talk to last year’s grads, this year’s candidates and line managers, which I couldn’t have otherwise done. The attention to detail, structure and overall efficiency has been something to behold."