Recruiting for Housing AssociationsDriver recruitment and logistics recruitment

such as Metropolitan, Peabody, Affinity Sutton and A2Dominion is in Cohesion’s DNA.

In-depth understanding of the job roles

Frontline and Head Office staff require different approaches but need to remain consistent within the Associations' brand.

We have an in-depth understanding of the job roles recruited by Housing Associations and the challenges facing hiring managers in the sector. 

Working closely with some of our other Housing clients - we’ve developed local recruitment strategies, helping to have a positive impact on local communities.  

We know what good talent looks like, in right-to-buy, finance and frontline services.  


Value for Money

Our Housing clients manage, build and maintain homes and communities around the UK.  The social and economic impact of changes in demographics, population and legislation are putting more and more demand on homes and services.  In order to flourish – value for money is key and those operating in the sector need to attract and retain the best talent who can deliver what’s required in the most efficient way possible. 

Whether its reducing agency spend through a neutral vendor managed service, support on a recruitment campaign or delivering a fully outsourced recruitment department – Cohesion have the tactical recruitment solutions that will deliver success in today’s challenging environment. 

We’ve delivered millions in savings to our clients while at the same time increasing the retention of new employees.


Massive reduction in reliance on agencies for specialist roles