Specialist Social Care Recruitment Solutions 

Cohesion has been delivering excellent results in Social Care recruitment for over a decade. We are the outsourced recruitment provider of choice for a number of Care providers, including Priory Group, Turning Point and The Fremantle Trust.

We pride ourselves on offering a partnership to all of our Social Care clients - not only do we carry out a rigorous consultation period to build bespoke processes for you, as a specialist social care recruitment provider, we understand your industry and its challenges.

As your In-house Care Recruitment Support, we will work with you to combat the issues surrounding the social care industry, including skills shortages, the onset of an ageing workforce and working to find the right people to provide excellent person-centred care.


We have also partnered with Aston Business School to produce a phD on social care recruitment - Read more

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Would you like to put your recruitment process to the test? Fill in a few questions for our Social Care Recruitment Diagnostics test, and receive a comprehensive report detailing your process and how it can be improved (if at all!).


"There was a real sense that Cohesion knew what we were looking for. They clearly understood what we needed and put a real focus on how they would effectively engage agencies and manage their performance, as well as ensuring that we achieved the right cost levels.

Working with Cohesion is great for two reasons- firstly the people and secondly the fact that they deliver on their promises. I’m very happy to say that they have lived up to my expectations- I would definitely recommend Cohesion as a recruitment partner."

Recruitment HR Business Partner at Spectrum Housing

Read our Social Care ebooks here:

Social Care in Crisis 

The Social Care sector is in crisis- not only is a dramatic increase in the number of workers needed to cater for the UK’s aging population- there is a chronic skills shortage. 

Last updated 12-12-2014

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Social Care Future

It's estimated that the adult Social Care sector in England will need an additional 1 million workers by 2025. This ebook gives information on how and why it is important to act now in order to ensure the future success of the industry. 

Last updated 12-12-2014

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