Candidate drop outs

Candidates dropping out or accepting counter offers can become the bane of our lives, but with good control we can work towards putting a stop to those nasty surprises.

Recruitment is a fast-paced business, it keeps us on our toes and you never know what might happen next. This can be exciting and motivating for the recruiter, but not knowing what’s around the corner can become frustrating and discouraging.

Candidate drop outs and Find Nemo…

It makes me think of Finding Nemo every time. You know that moment when he swims up to touch the ‘butt’? When I take that call, I feel like Nemo’s Dad.

I’m not saying that we should shout “Don’t you dare, young man!” (As tempting as it may be) but there are steps we can take to limit the risk of our candidates reaching out to touch the proverbial butt. The first one being – know what makes the candidate tick.


Understand the candidate and ask what motivated them to apply

We often ask this when interviewing candidates over the telephone- it can become novel and sometimes we don’t use their answer to our full advantage.

Say we have a candidate like Dory- this may be considered a nightmare to some people, but by digging deeper we can understand what stimulates their interest and ensure we remind them of why they applied in the first place.

If their reasons are monetary, delve further- do they like the sound of the organisation? Will this role allow them to develop personally as well as professionally?

Cold feet?

If they start making whale noises and fraternising with sharks, they may be a bad choice. But it’s good to get to know the candidate and gain the best understanding possible so that we have the opportunity to keep them on board. We can send candidates communication that targets their motivation points, and so, further enhancing the reasons why this role is the one for them.

This is just one step we can take to keep candidates engaged and stop them from pulling out unexpectedly. That way, when you’re stood amongst your competitors, bellowing “MINE, MINE… MINE” you will be the lucky seagull that stands out. We’ll be sharing more recruitment wisdom with the help of Finding Nemo in the coming weeks. Up next week; what our fishy friends can tell us about promoting jobs to candidates.