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In the second of our series, we talk to Charlotte Brennan about the impact that a Total Recruitment Philosophy (TRP) can have on the ability to recruit great people.

What is TRP? 

Our Total Recruitment Philosophy demonstrates how recruitment has evolved. It’s not about just filling roles or following parts of an outsourced recruitment process, it’s about transforming recruitment. Using our knowledge and experience to make recommendations to challenge and enhance the recruitment experience for our clients and their candidates. It’s about reaching, engaging and retaining throughout the recruitment journey with a focus on continual improvement and delivering results – people who stay longer and perform better.

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Candidate delight

When for our outsourced recruitment clients we manage the full recruitment and onboarding process, from attraction, assessment and selection to pre-employment, as well as employer branding – we tend to get feedback like this:

“the core values were one of the reasons I applied for the job and these were confirmed throughout the process; from keeping me informed at each stage, from the information I found on the website, to the people I met and spoke to who all enhanced the brand.”

The candidate has just two points of contact throughout entire process from initial application to start. We begin the onboarding early, and have had candidates start in the role as quickly as two days after the offer has been made to ensure that engagement isn’t lost.

Candidate flight

By contrast, we worked really hard with another outsource recruiting client to source staff for some notoriously hard to fill areas. We set up strategic local attraction and sourcing streams. Our candidate engagement continued throughout the process. We worked to tight timescales right up to the point of offer. But then from being offered to starting in the business, applicants were kept waiting for up to 3 months with no communication or engagement from anyone. The result – tired of having to chase for an update, many secured employment elsewhere and have a very poor experience of the brand. A TRP requires that your pre-employment and referencing team don’t let the whole process down!

Delight or flight?

Do you engage with your candidates throughout the recruitment and onboarding process? Do you know what your recruitment and onboading process says about you? Have you considered the importance of your recruitment and onboarding process from a candidates’ point of view? Do you gather feedback from your candidates on their experience of your process?

Let us know – or tell us your TRP stories!



Total Recruitment Philosophy

In a series of interviews for our blog, we ask the directors and senior managers at Cohesion to explain what our Total Recruitment Philosophy means from their point of view. To kick off, we spoke to Debbie Edmondson, Talent Director at Cohesion.

What is a Total Recruitment Philosophy?

“Our Total Recruitment Philosophy is a holistic approach to the full recruitment process. Done properly, a recruitment process will reach the right type of applicants, engage with them to optimise their experience and ensure the assessment is as accurate as possible. It then retains those offered to the fullest extent. It doesn’t matter whether you use a recruitment outsourcing business, or do it in-house.

So for example, with one of our social care recruitment clients – we have overhauled their previous sourcing process (frankly a few jobs on job boards), seeing particular success from new methods as diverse as a partnership with Remploy, to advertising in the Christian press. We also introduced a streamlined recruitment process to incorporate onboarding that includes speaking to both new starters and non-starters about their recruitment experience.

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When recruitment goes wrong

If you don’t look at the whole process, some elements will let you down despite your best efforts elsewhere. At one organisation, non-starter interviews revealed that candidates have a fantastic recruitment experience up until the point of face-to-face interview, but then feel that the process starts to fall apart when untrained line managers get involved.

For another organisation there was a difference between the hours candidates were told that they would work at interview (1 weekend in 3) and the reality once they started work (2 in 3), they were also likely to be placed in a different location to the one that they were recruited to. Promising the moon just to get a quantity of candidates through the door is not likely to lead to success in the long-term!

A TRP (total recruitment philosophy) approach ensures that all parts are connected to provide a great recruitment engagement experience within and beyond the recruitment process. A TRP would ensure actions are taken and changes made where necessary in response to the feedback gathered.”

Worth Asking

Do you know which elements of your recruitment process are working best? Does your talent acquisition strategy take into account existing applicant demographics? Are you planning for the future? Why do people leave your business? Do your engagement survey results reflect in your retention rates? Would your employees recommend someone they know to work for you? Is your pre-employment process impacting your time to hire? Is your careers site up to the job?

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