The combination of the graduate market and the skills shortages in the construction industry, we know it’s difficult. Employers are quickly snapping up the best graduate talent, and your business shouldn’t lose out.

Your business might offer a great service or product, or be making ground-breaking movements in the construction industry but, you might be struggling with the search for future talent.

Kick-starting your graduate recruitment happens at the very beginning of the process: attraction. We’ve created a list of our top 3 things to consider when planning graduate recruitment for this year:

  • Is it time for a new graduate campaign?

Which graduate wants to work for a business that isn’t trendy? It’s always easy to stick to the tried and tested – granted, it’s given you great graduates for the previous year so why change anything? The construction industry struggles to attract talent but, a new campaign shows a company is relevant, fresh and innovative.

  • What’s the competition like?

The battle for the best talent has just begun – you’ll be competing around the clock to capture candidates. It’s really no surprise, then, that you’ll need to create and deliver a desirable graduate scheme to stand out and pull in the talent you’re looking for.

  • Aiming for the right target?

Gen Y’s – the most researched generation of all time – are your target market. Finding out what their motivations are, how they use technology and responding to this by way of an attraction campaign is a great way to reach out to applicants.

The law of attraction remains the same for graduate recruitment
 – creating a campaign to reach out to graduates should reflect your business ethos and culture with ease – so the best talent should apply. Only then, will you be certain that your graduate attraction strategy is effective.

Graduate Recruitment Trends

The Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR) and High Fliers expect a busy year for businesses who want to invest in graduate recruitment – competition is at an all-time high to recruit new talent.

It’s vital to get the upper hand to attract the right talent for your business. We partner with graduate employers to recruit future talent across sectors. We’ve picked out key trends in the graduate recruitment market which you’ll need to take into account if you’re hiring graduates this year:

    • Top employers are looking to increase hiring of graduates by 7.5%
    • Average cost per graduate is £3,396 (excluding law firms)
    • On average, 8.2% of offers are turned down by graduates – more than 1,000 roles were left open last year. Employers will be making more offers than there are entry-level jobs available. This can help to avoid losing talent to business rivals.
    • 80% of graduates stay after three years at the company. Why do retention rates fall the longer graduates stay at a business? How can you improve your graduate scheme to encourage them to stay?
    • On average, graduate roles for a top company have been advertised at 20 UK universities. A rise in communication streams between top employers and applicants has led to increased appeal. SMEs can potentially suffer due to smaller marketing budgets and less brand awareness.

So, these are the key trends for the graduate recruitment market in 2016 – are you ready to hire yours? How will your business gain the upper hand in the employers market? It’s a competition for the best talent out there – make the most of it!

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