30 People to know in Apprentice Recruitment

Cohesion’s very own Debbie Edmondson was recognised as one of the most important people in Apprentice Recruitment in 2016. It’s a fantastic achievement when one of our Director’s is recognised for the brilliant work they do.

Who else is on the list?

The rise of Apprentice Recruitment

The rise of Apprentice Recruitment is not only exciting for employers, but it is also creating more opportunities for recruiters to recognise what is needed to be done to engage more with the early talent market.

According to the Institute for Student Employers (ISE), Apprenticeships and school leaver programmes are increasing rapidly.  Non- graduate routes have grown 50% amongst respondents since last year.

From their Summer 2018 report, 138 members of the Institute for Student Employers (ISE) reported appointing 6,265 apprentices and school leavers which is about 2% of the people under 25 starting an apprenticeship. The 138 employers involved in the research collectively brought 32,202 young people into their businesses during 2017/18 and out of the 32,202 young people, 766 (12%) of them were direct entry from school leavers.

With the huge changes in the recruitment market from the levy, to trends that have taken place in 2018, the Early Talent recruitment market is looking optimistic and we can only hope for the progress to carry on throughout 2018 and into 2019!

Apprentice Recruitment in Practice

The Apprentice Recruitment market is continuing to grow and there are many things to consider when it comes to hiring apprentices. It is very important for employers to know what exactly they need to do to engage more with the current generation of early talent and is what they are already doing enough?

Representing Cohesion, Debbie Edmondson is amongst one of the few speakers that will be discussing what the Early Talent market is doing at the moment in more detail at our next event:

“From Schools to Social Media – Engaging with the Current Generation of Early Talent”

Cohesion will be exploring the current Early Talent landscape/ latest trends alongside exploring the parental influence and how social media can be used to attract and engage with Early Talent.

This event takes place in November 2018.