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Everything you need to know before applying for an apprenticeship

As National Apprenticeship Week approaches, (4th – 8th March), we talk to Deborah Edmondson, Early Talent Director at Cohesion Recruitment, for her advice on guiding you through the apprenticeship process……… “Apprenticeships are a great opportunity for people to gain practical skills, knowledge and experience through a combination of work, training and studying, enabling you to […]

Why employees stay with your Care organisation.

We’ll be sharing insights about the issues faced early in the employee lifecycle and advice to avoid common problems faced by registered providers. This forum will also include commentary and an analysis of our data from 100s of Retention interviews of Care Workers, helping you to understand why employees stay with organisations such as your own. […]

Early Talent Insight Days

Cohesion are pleased to launch Cohesion Insight Days – a new and exciting format for discussing and sharing knowledge and thought leadership within the early talent community. Cohesion have always hosted round table events where we have discussed relevant industry topics, but due to the increasing cost in participating in industry forums, we have decided to increase […]

The Care ‘BIG Data’ Event

This forum will explore how using data can deliver better recruitment results.  We’ll be exploring the insights from our sector wide surveys as well as sharing how tailored interventions in the recruitment process can improve your engagement and offers from different candidate audiences such as men in care and young people in care.  Also on […]