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Is Candidate Engagement Top of Your List During the Recruitment Process?

Candidate engagement is a key priority for many organisations who value the link between high levels of engagement and high work performance. With engaged candidates, translating into engaged employees, said to be happier, more innovative, likely to stay longer and generally more healthy and satisfied – sit back and read our new blog! Effectively, engagement is the result […]

5 Strategies for Building Effective Talent Pools in a Competitive Market

So, your team have spent countless hours and resources recruiting into a role. You’ve had to go back out to market for a role you’ve had hundreds of applications for before. You may begin to group your candidates together in your Applicant Tracking System – but, you can’t always dip into it and find an […]

The 3 Big Mistakes that are Damaging your Employer Brand (and how to fix them!)

Every year, companies invest tonnes of resource into building their employer brand. Why? Because your employer brand is the cornerstone of your reputation as an employer. It’s very much a candidate-driven market, so you’re competing with other organisations for the same pool of talent. How do you differentiate yourself from your competitors? How do you […]

5 Tips for improving your Recruitment Advertising

  It’s easy to plough through hundreds of applications and recruit the cream of the crop, right? What’s not so easy is actually getting hundreds of candidates to apply for your vacancies. This is where your recruitment advertising becomes absolutely fundamental. Some may argue that your employer brand is what attracts your candidates, and that’s […]