Diversity in Construction

We have received some great coverage recently, with being mentioned in a article that was published on BBC Education.

In this article on the BBC ,Cohesion’s very own Early Talent Director, Debbie Edmondson highlights the importance of a diverse workforce.

Cohesion recruited Emily into her role for our client Hanson.

Importance of Early Talent Diversity

Diversity within an organisation is about encouraging a wholly-inclusive workforce – embracing employees on different backgrounds, ethnics, and cultural benefits.

Recruiting female graduates into construction is an example of the bigger diversity picture, and the misconceptions that recruiters are having to work to over come.

Improving diversity in your workplace will bring so many additional advantages and positives. First and foremost – the variety of talents, skills, experiences and backgrounds will offer any number of different perspectives on organisational issues, and work the same way for solutions.

A diverse workforce is a versatile one; and with a number of individuals working towards one common goal, there are bound to be a number of unique solutions in any given solution.

Benefits of a diverse workforce:

There are many benefits when it comes to employing a diverse workforce, many of which result in happier and more productive employees.

Combatting Industry Stereotypes:

One suggestion would be to tell those who craft media content & public policy what the role and industry is really all about.

Only an understanding of the true value of the role will ensure that more diverse groups are reached and then engaged with.

Engaging with new audiences means a wider talent pool and a step towards creating a more diverse workforce as well as combatting the skills shortages that many industries are currently facing.