Did America just values-based recruit Donald Trump?


The world is still reeling from the news of Donald Trump becoming President of The United States. Me? I’m still busy laughing at this meme. It’s especially funny for recruiters. You know when you have clearly stated 2-5 years’ experience in your advert but somebody with 0 years will just apply anyway?

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Well, this got me thinking about the values based recruitment model that we implement for some of our social care accounts. In a sector that’s difficult to recruit for, we noticed that stating ‘previous experience necessary’ in our advertisements could be restrictive. Some roles require genuine passion for looking after people and making a difference to other peoples’ lives and it’s these values that we look for. Foregoing the previous experience requirement has meant that we can now access a wider talent pool, and we’ve seen some great results.

What has values based recruitment got to do with the Presidential election?

Despite my political leanings, it’s still interesting to consider why Donald Trump, with no experience whatsoever, was preferred to Hilary Clinton.  The outcome indicates that the American people voted on values as opposed to relevant experience. All we can now assume is that they saw values in him that they thought would make him a good President – whatever they might be. I know first-hand that values-based recruitment works for us, but I can’t pretend to know if this implementation will have the same results.

So whilst Trump doesn’t have the qualities that we would look for in a Carer, the question I’m trying to get at really is – did the American people ‘values-based recruit’ Donald Trump? Lee mentioned in his post that the values-based recruitment model should be adopted elsewhere, but I’m not entirely sure this is what he meant!

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