So you’ve invested in a great attraction campaign, sifted through countless CVs, conducted all kinds of testing, but how do you execute an effective Assessment Centre?

Assessment Centres are gaining traction and they’re a fantastic way to see how candidates will perform in tasks which are linked to their potential working environment.In order for an assessment centre to be as useful to your company as it is engaging for the candidates who attend. So how do you successfully create the next stage of the selection process?

1.  Preparation is Key
Material used for the assessment should be relevant to the role you are recruiting for – the competencies tested will determine if the candidate is suitable for the role and if they display the values of your business.

Get Organised

Preparation is Key

However, many businesses overlook the importance of ensuring future talent candidates are thoroughly prepared to go through the application process. This not only ensures the applicant has a fair chance of succeeding but also creates a fair and equal process where all candidates are performing to their best – which leads us to our next top tip…

2. Quality over Quantity
Assessment days should be used as a late stage of the recruitment procedure; poor candidates who do not meet the requirements of the assessments can cause managers to lose faith and prove disheartening.

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3. Keep Candidates Engaged
As a representation of a working day in your company, assessment centres are a great way of showcasing your brand, culture and values – to keep candidates engaged and interested in joining your team, smooth implementation is essential.

Keep Candidates Engaged

Keep Candidates Engaged

Candidate engagement should not be limited to the face-to-face interaction the process entails – find out how you can enhance your graduate recruitment process here.

So there we have it – our top tips for Assessment Centres. It is crucial to highlight the importance of candidate engagement throughout the recruitment process however, since assessment centres often form the last stage, it’s vital to maintain the level of interest in the candidate to reduce the rate of declined offers.

Written by Louise Conway (Graduate Recruiter) and Minal Sthankiya (Marketing Executive)