We are all aware of the importance of receiving great customer service when we are buying an item or using a service. We simply expect the best service and/or product.

A customers’ impression of a company starts immediately from the initial contact, whether this is by phone, email or any other kind of communication. Simply answering the phone promptly and in a professional manner will have a big impact on how customers perceive the company, even before you have dealt with their query. Obviously we need to resolve the query in a timely manner but it all has to be right from the beginning.

Even though the unemployment rate is decreasing (the number of people out of work in the UK fell by 58,000 to 1.91 million, its lowest level for more than six years). However, the employment participation rate has also dropped. Since 2000, approximately 20 million have dropped out of the workforce, which has created a smaller pool from which to pull candidates. This means that hiring is going to be more competitive and companies have to work smarter to find and keep the best talent.

With this in mind it is important to be innovative with the latest recruitment methods to enable us to find the best candidates, but it is important to make sure we build and maintain a great relationship with candidates. Building successful relationships will help us have effective candidate control and, ultimately, help to recruit the best people quicker.

In recruitment we cannot control people but we can plan, control and influence the process when dealing with our clients and candidates. In a busy environment it is often that processes are overlooked and clients are not managed as well as they should be. This will result in candidates dropping out, not turning up, not accepting offers or – worse still – accepting a counter-offer after verbal acceptance.

A recent study reveals that 72% of candidates would be less likely to recommend a company’s products or services after a poor hiring experience. With figures like this, it is no surprise that companies are realising the importance of regular interaction with candidates and seeking to use Recruitment Process Outsourcing companies to take care of their recruitment needs.

We must ensure that all clients have a great customer experience throughout the recruitment process. It’s going the extra mile that helps us to stand out from the competition, retain our clients and grow our business, to put it simply, treating candidates as customers is key!

So, whether we are answering the phone or dealing with a query, Cohesion aims to get it right first time, every time, to give our clients and candidates a great recruitment experience which helps ensure we meet our overall mission of delivering Recruitment Expertise.


Rebecca Whitfield, Specialist Recruiter