Video interviewing has been described as a new form of technology used across a variety of different roles and industries to boost the recruitment process and to achieve a face to face response to predetermined questions. These are ultimately aimed at saving time and money.

However, is this method really beneficial for your business, or is it a fad with no added value?

At Cohesion, our recruitment experts believe that this could add increased value to your business by reducing time within the interview process. Using this method to reach out to candidates can immediately eliminate people who are not willing to go the extra mile to secure the role. Video interviewing adds convenience as answers are recorded and therefore can be reviewed at any time. Signs can also be taken from non-verbal actions which often reveal personality traits.

A robust recruitment process is essential when it comes to retaining the right people! Using video interviewing as a selective tool gives the opportunity to remove candidates who are not able to perform when required.

There has been some doubt on this topic: some believe that the process is unnatural and is judging a candidate’s ability to perform when talking to a pre-recorded programme. And this method doesn’t work for everyone. However, in an increasingly more technologically advanced world is this the new stepping stone into a standard recruitment process? It could be something that aids the evolution of new and innovative recruitment strategies.

So, whether you are a recruitment manager who is all for the use of video interviews or you’re sceptical about the application of this new technology and wish to find out more information, please contact our recruitment team to discuss whether this would benefit you when working reach, engage and retain the best candidates for your business.

Written by Maxine Sher, Specialist Recruiter