Whether you're looking to implement a  recruitment project, a graduate recruitment campaign, a fully outsourced recruitment solution, or a temporary managed service, Cohesion has the expertise to reach, engage and retain the right people for you through our in-house recruitment services.

Recruitment PROJECTS worth shouting about.

Outsourced Recruitment Projects

Our outsourced recruitment projects incorporate all elements of the recruitment process to ensure we reach, engage and retain the right talent for you. Amongst our campaign recruitment services, we offer a smooth and on-brand process to ensure excellent experiences for both you and your candidates.  More...

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We deliver tomorrow's top talent with our graduate recruitment outsourcing services.

We know that nothing less than the best will do for your graduate scheme recruitment. We understand the language of today’s graduates, and how to find, select and secure the right ones for you.  More...

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We're Ready to Become Part of Your TeaM.

Outsourced Recruitment Services

Our expertise lies in recruitment process outsourcing, and managing and running it as part of your team, culture and brand. More...

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neutral vendor managed services.

Temporary Managed Services Recruitment 

Managing temporary workforces from an HR perspective - where engagement and output are as important as cost.  More...

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In-House Recruitment Services

Our Recruitment expertise allows us to deliver a number of high-impact solutions.

We strive to reach, engage and retain the best talent for your organisation: