From Application to Offer – The AGR Magazine Feb/Mar

We’ve recently been featured in the AGR magazine in their Feb/March issue. Read all about how, for Associated British Foods (ABF), we keep candidates engaged from the moment they click ‘apply‘, to the moment they receive their offer.

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Candidate engagement is at the top of everyone’s agenda and is a key priority for many organisations.

Therefore, following the candidate journey from application to offer is extremely important.

By engaging with someone from the beginning of the process, you are able to make sure that their journey is a great one.  Engagement starts at the point a person has their first interaction with your organisation and making sure it’s a positive interaction. What someone hears, reads and the information they are asked all have an impact on their opinion of you and your business.  Another way for you to understand what is important to your employees is listening to what they have to say.

Being there and being able to answer any questions or queries that candidates have would make the process more “human”.

At Cohesion we make sure that after every stage of the process, regardless of whether or not the candidate is successful – they are given extensive feedback on their performance.

The overall time from application to offer plays a massive part in how engaged candidates are during the entire recruitment process.

In the summer of 2015, Associated British Foods UK Grocery (ABF) partnered with Cohesion Recruitment to deliver their Graduate Recruitment Programme. Throughout the recruitment process, the aim was to find the best future talent for the business, whilst providing a market – leading candidate experience.

The ABF recruitment process revolves entirely around people. For ABF, engaged candidates translate directly into engaged employees – this is why it so important that we get our recruitment process right.

Candidate Engagement