Exit and Retention Interviews

Gathering objective data from a third party perspective on the drivers of retention within your organisation

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Why employees stay with your organisation

Many organisations that Cohesion talk to face bigger challenges with retention than with recruitment. For organisations like them, the answer to the question above is one of the most valuable that they can find the answer to.

A retention interview is one of several structured discussions with an employee starting early on in their employment cycle. Cohesion conduct these interviews on behalf of our Clients, generating data as to what is working well in their business, and what might not be working so well.

Cohesion conduct exit interviews with those employees who are leaving or have just left their employer. Using a specialist, third-party interviewer is the best way to ensure that interviewees are comfortable enough to be truly candid with their answers. Full and frank data will allow you to make a positive and lasting impact on your business.

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"The quarterly snapshot information that we receive from Cohesion is really useful. It gives a high level overview of leavers across the company and gives us trends. It also prompts our HRBP's to log onto the system and then they drill down into their own divisions and regions to pull reports that are relevant to them"

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Leave or Stay?

So what do we hear from the thousands of exit and retention calls we conduct year on year? Here are some of the themes that we have shared with our clients allowing them to take action and improve the overall employee experience beyond hire.

Why employers stay with their employers

“Providing role clarity from the advert throughout the entire recruitment process”

“Recruitment and pre-employment teams are completely integrated”

“New members of staff feel very welcome on day one within my organisation”

“Defined process for managers to engage with new starters”

“Social Media as part of employee retention”

“Retention/ stay interviews conducted with employees”

Why employees choose to leave their employers

“Lack of progression and development”

“Dissatisfaction with salary or benefits”

“Poor relationship with manager or management”

“Personal circumstances”

“Problematic location or required shift-patterns”


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