As we enter 2015, it’s important to assess what issues currently exist and what is lying ahead, not only for us as a business, but for the recruitment industry as a whole. 2014 saw a multitude of issues across different sectors and 2015 is the year to implement new recruitment strategies and make a real difference. So, let’s take a look at what we are focussing on for the year ahead.

Skills Shortages

Rigorous recruitment processes need to be implemented in order to combat the skills shortage. This is something which is causing issues across several sectors, including care, construction & engineering and the IT sector as a whole. This not only means that, for many, the recruitment process needs to be restructured, but that planning for the future is a necessity and could mean the difference between success and failure for many organisations.

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Candidate Engagement

Employment rates are creeping up, so, inevitably, candidate numbers are decreasing. Engaging with candidates throughout the recruitment journey has never been so important- great candidates will be lost to other businesses if they aren’t receiving a great recruitment experience from you.

Graduate Recruitment

In our Graduate market, less really is more. Grads don’t want to fill out lengthy online application forms – they want quick and easy application processes which they are able to complete on their mobile phones. Graduates are the stars of the future- their needs should be met to ensure that emerging talent is drawn to your business.

Values-based Recruitment

Hire for attitude and train for skills! Values and behaviour based questioning is much more prevalent in the recruitment process, we are advising our clients to think carefully about which roles they can train and develop skills in- we believe this is the way to recruit the right people for you.



Building candidate communities and keeping them involved and engaged in what’s happening in your organisation is key to building your talent pipelines of the future. Imagine not having to advertise your vacancy because you already have a pool of ready-for-work candidates waiting to step in to the role. This doesn’t happen by accident- having regular conversations with interested candidates will set you apart from the competition.

Big Data and Recruitment Strategies

Delving into big data will help us to understand what works well and what doesn’t. Which attraction channels prove best for recruiting good quality people who stay longer? What is your application demographic data telling you about which employees you retain the longest and achieve success? We record a lot of data in the recruitment process and need to ensure we fully analyse it to give us some focussed recruitment strategies.

Working Patterns

The way people want to work is changing. People are working longer and retiring later. In some cases where skills are in severe shortage, people are coming out of retirement to job share, earning as much in a part time role as they were previously in a full time role.

Employees want greater flexible working – the ability to balance family life has never been more important and advances in technology mean this is easier to achieve. Recruiters and employers need to also be flexible and think about roles which could attract a greater number of quality applicants if the working pattern is adjusted.


Emerging Talent

Competition for emerging talent is also increasing, with greater numbers of school leaver programmes popping up. This is a great way to combat the skills shortages in the future. However, it’s really important to retain good staff for the long term which involves checking in with them regularly and measuring engagement.

International recruitment

We are seeing an increase in international recruitment, specifically in care and construction. Last year we successfully filled a number of roles for one of our Social Care clients through international recruitment and believe it is a great way to grow your business and combat the skills shortage.

Looking Forward

Through our recruitment expertise and continued commitment to our total recruitment philosophy, we know that 2015 is going to be a great year. For more information on some of the issues discussed here, please download any of our free ebooks with top tips on the recruitment process and how to combat some of the industries toughest issues.

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