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Cohesion and Dawson Walker Communications: Attracting quality people in a challenging market


Thank you to everyone who attended our Attraction event. We hope you found it useful. If you would like to view a recording of the webinar you can do so below.


You can download a copy of the event slides here: Attracting quality people (1016 downloads )

Q&A section

We have included a summary of the questions asked at the Attraction event.

Using personas drawn from existing staff how do you attract more diverse applicants?

To ensure personas are diverse we speak to a lot of people at an organisation and ensure we select a range of age, gender, ethnicity and background to promote diversity. We then develop the personas to reflect this range. When considering attracting diverse candidates it is important to review your careers website and ensure language and particularly images are diverse. Often career sites just show images of female careers for example. When candidates are researching potential roles they want to hear from ‘people like them’ so think about your day in the life and case study content carefully.

Why do you think the national advertising campaigns like ‘work in social care’ and ‘everydayisdifferent’ have so little traction / interest from a wider audience? Their Facebook pages attract very few likes / comments etc.

National campaigns can only work at a certain level and their primary purpose is generally to raise awareness and change perceptions. It is difficult for national campaigns to engage directly with an audience. They are also often fighting a battle against the negative stories in the majority of media outlets. Care organisations should aim to engage directly with their audience themselves. They could also consider collaborating with similar organisations locally to make an impact and perhaps link in with an existing national campaign.

It would be great to understand what other providers are doing re proof of vaccination. This will massively reduce volume of candidates available vs time to onboard for those unvaccinated.

The guidance regarding vaccinations has 3 ways of providing evidence, most is via the NHS app but staff can ask for an email copy via the company testing page.

Amanda Marques was a speaker at at a Royds Withy King event on mandatory vaccinations. The link to the recording of this webinar can be found below. You can also join our social care forum on LinkedIn to discuss this topic with other care organisations.


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Royds Withy King Mandatory Vaccination webinar

Employment and HR specialists Royds Withy King held a webinar on mandatory vaccinations for care homes recently. You can watch the recording of the event here.


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