Candidates being mis-sold jobs?

Mis sold your job

Mis-sold jobs? Latest findings from the Kelly Global Workforce Index (KGWI) illustrate that less than half those who have moved jobs in the past year, consider themselves as being “happy” in their new role.

Apparently, a fifth of those included in the study found the job differed from what they expected, whilst many found the work to be vastly less or more challenging than what they had been led to believe it would be. Consequently, a shocking 69% of employees now report they are looking to change jobs again within the year due to being mis-sold jobs. Moreover, 56% of employees argued the role of the line manager significantly influences an employee’s job satisfaction level.

Here at Cohesion headquarters, we can’t help but argue that this is a serious case of mismanaging candidate expectations throughout each recruitment stage, but also failure to keep in contact during those key first few months of employment.

As we move out of the recession, the job market will become increasingly more candidate driven, and as such it is vital companies have efficient employee retention processes in place. Not only should job roles, company culture and role expectations be clearly represented throughout the recruitment process, but there should also be a marked effort to keep up with new recruits during their first year of employment.


Critical to achieving this, is understanding what your employees really think about your organisation. Although this may immediately sound off alarm bells in your head, we thoroughly believe in the power and use of employee retention interviews.

By inviting an experienced 3rd party to gain an objective and honest perspective of your new recruits’ initial employment experience; you can gain a wealth of insight on what is working for your business, and what is not.

At Cohesion, our employee retention interview program has helped uncover the real issues a business faces when it comes to keeping their new employees engaged. As such, with relevant and actionable data, our program has helped to boost retention rates, improve employee engagement schemes and, overall, the bottom line.

Are you thinking about why your employees maybe unhappy or are your turnover rates high? Click here to find out what Cohesion can do for you. 

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