Motivate temporary workers

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Getting the most of your temporary workforce by keeping them motivated

They are a specialist, flexible part of your team and can save you time by acting as extra resource. Employers who get temporary recruitment right can enjoy the many benefits that temporary workers have to offer.

But how do you motivate them? Read on for our six tips on how to motivate temporary workers.

1. You want enthusiasm and energy
Skills are hugely important, but don’t forget to put a focus on culture. Does the candidate have the right attitude? Will they fit in with the team? These steps don’t mean you’re outright motivating the employee in question, but you’re setting yourself up for a much easier ride by getting the hire right.

2. Get them on-board
Whether hiring temporary or permanent employees, a good recruitment process should involve on-boarding. Plan ahead- create the right workspace and ensure your new employee feels welcome. When it comes to on-boarding, it’s the little things that can make a big difference- find out what they like and leave a new-starter pack on their desk full of goodies.

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Prepare the desk of your temporary worker- it’s a small task, but it will make a big difference

3. Ensure they’re involved
Buddy up your temporary workers with full-time, permanent staff. Make sure this is someone who’s an efficient trainer and can monitor performance but doesn’t mind popping out for a drink and helping them to integrate in to the team and build relationships.

4. Offer support
Try and match tasks with skills sets- give each worker guidance and be ready to answer questions. Being supportive and willing to help will ensure that your employees are engaged which will results in maximum productivity and satisfaction.

5. Give them the opportunity to learn
Many temporary workers want to learn, offering them the opportunity to pick up new knowledge and skills will help them in the long run and is a strong motivator for coming to work.

6. Say thank you
Yep, it’s pretty simple. Let them know they’re appreciated and don’t let being busy get in the way of that. Maximum appreciation equals maximum output.

Well, there we have it, our 6 top tips on how to motivate temporary employees.

Cohesion specialise in temporary recruitment and work with clients to improve their processes and ensure their workers are engaged.

We can help to improve the quality of temps who transfer on to permanent contract whilst ensuring your PSL is competitive. Read some of our case studies here.

To find out more about getting the most out of your temporary workers and how Cohesion can assist you with this, call Adam Baldry now on 0121 713 6956
Written by Hannah Ratcliff, Marketing Executive


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