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Cohesion, Skills for Care and Royds Withy King: What is happening to retention in social care?


Thank you to everyone who attended our Retention Social Care Forum. We hope you found it useful. If you would like to view a recording of the webinar you can do so below.


You can download a copy of the event slides here: Retention event slides (1377 downloads )

We have also released our event white paper which can be found here.

Q&A section

We have included a summary of the questions asked at the retention event.

We find that there is so much paperwork to set a new carer up, this can put certain candidates off as there is so much information we need prior to them starting. How can we make paperwork more streamlined so it’s not off putting for potential candidates?

The requirements can be onerous, particularly given lots of applicants are using phones and mobile devices rather than a computer.  We tend to ask for the information that is required at the point it is needed in order not to put people off.  For example, don’t ask for references until they have been interviewed and you are at offer stage. Communication is key – guide your candidates through the paperwork process as much as possible.

Does anyone incentivise buddies? We struggle to get staff to take on this role especially when we are so short staffed.

Some care organisations have incentivised buddy scheme – each buddy is paid £25 per quarter for every retained starter where they have checked in weekly. Training is key here to ensure buddies are confident in the part they play.

We are a home care provider and I like the idea of a buddy system but it is difficult with lone working – any recommendations?

Consider operating a buddy system where the new starter shadows the same member of staff for a period of time.

Royds Withy King have provided a FAQ document to answer your questions about mandatory vaccinations. 

This can be downloaded here: Mandatory Vaccination FAQs (1399 downloads )

Here are the various links mentioned during the retention event:

Skills for Care

Skills for Care supports adult social care employers to deliver what the people they support need and what commissioners and regulators expect.

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Royds Withy King

Employment and HR specialist law firm

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Care Home Open Week

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