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5 Benefits of RPO

Why choose to work with a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) provider?

“Typically a business will choose to work with an RPO provider because they don’t have the resource or in-house recruitment expertise  to drive the same results as an external partner.

A good provider will be able to negotiate and design a strategic, flexible and bespoke recruitment model- an excellent provider will do all of that and provide data and Management Information that proves the ROI of that recruitment model.”

Mandy Glover, Operations Director.

Between them, our in-house recruitment experts have transformed hundreds of businesses and recruited hundreds of thousands of top quality candidates. They know that reduced cost is often cited as one of the biggest attractions when it comes to working with a provider, but the benefits of RPO reach much further than simply saving money.

RPO partnership

Together, our experts have outlined 5 benefits of RPO

  1. You receive an advanced and bespoke service

Any good RPO provider will see  themselves as part of your in-house recruitment team. Their team will be made up of recruitment experts who will work with every stakeholder to gain a thorough understanding of you, your team and your business.

This understanding allows for a strategic approach to recruitment, which means it’s more than just a process that churns candidates out at the end.

An RPO provider will drive results by having  SLAs in place. They will offer a consistent and tactical process that is regularly monitored and reported on, and it will all be tailored to the specific needs of your business. 

2. Your recruitment function will be measurable

RPO providers use bespoke technology that means every part of the recruitment process is recorded and monitored. Data is an extremely powerful tool and outsourcing your recruitment means that you should have it in abundance.

You will have access to Management Information that proves the ROI of having a robust recruitment process in place. You can discuss what elements of the process you would like to measure, but, as standard, you will typically have access to data that  tells you the average time to hire as well as the cost of each hire.

3. Increased Hiring Manager satisfaction

Working in partnership with an RPO business means that your internal customers get a great experience. Hiring Managers are very busy people and they often don’t have the time to spend on managing a robust recruitment process.


RPO gives a great candidate experience

Because of this, quality is very often compromised and the wrong people are hired. An RPO provider will offer enhanced stakeholder engagement, so Hiring Managers are kept in the loop, they are well informed when it comes to the recruitment process and they still have the time to do what they do best- their job.

4. A partnership based on trust 

An Recruitment Process Outsourcing provider will work in partnership with you, they will be open with you and be in regular contact with you and other stakeholders in your business.

Because of the partnership working involved in working alongside an RPO, you can rest assured that your provider will understand your business and the industry in which you operate. Not only will an RPO work closely with you to build a relationship based on trust, they will also be able to demonstrate ROI and where they are adding value to your business. 

Another positive element of working with an RPO provider is that its recruitment experts are not always driven by commission. Because of this, you know that the recruiters you’re working with really care about finding the right people for the role, as opposed to hoping they will fill it with an average candidate and earn a tidy profit for themselves.

5. You will get results 

Experts in outsourced recruitment are committed to ensuring the successful delivery of every part of the recruitment process- each part is just as important as the last.

An RPO provider will work with you on every element of the recruitment process to reach, engage and retain the right people and they won’t disappear after the right candidate has been offered a role.

They will work with you to ensure your employee on-boarding process is robust and that drop-outs after offer stage are kept to an absolute minimum.

total recruitment philosophy for RPO

Together these are the core benefits of RPO. However, there are a number of advantages of working with a provider that will truly shape your recruitment process and ensure that attraction, engagement and retention of great people.

If you want to know more than just the benefits of RPO why not read our most recent blog: What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

To find out more about the benefits of RPO and how a recruitment partner could help you and your business contact Adam Baldry now:

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