Podcast: Values-based recruitment in Adult Social Care

Dave Beesley, Cohesion’s Talent Director, recently took part in a collaborative podcast with Improving Adult Care Together (IMPACT) to speak with Dr Kate Hamblin about values-based recruitment. You can take a listen here.  

What is Values-Based Recruitment? 

Values-based recruitment is self-explanatory. It is about recruiting based on the values of the people you are interviewing, rather than their experience. It opens the opportunity for those with no practical experience to work in the care sector and is something we champion at Cohesion. 

The Podcast 

Speaking in the podcast alongside Dave, are Anne Pridmore (CEO, Being the Boss and member of the Centre for Care Advisory Board), and Jo Parsons (Co-production Manager, Drive). Collectively, they discussed their experiences of recruiting employees in social care settings, exploring the importance of values-based recruitment in relation to staff retention and well-being, alongside person-centred care. The episode was produced by Dan Williamson at the Centre for Care in collaboration with IMPACT, the UK centre for implementing evidence in adult social care. 

Can recruitment processes be made more inclusive, informal, innovative, and personal to attract potential employees with the right values? 

Can values-based recruitment help to reduce social care workforce vacancies? 

At Cohesion, we certainly believe this to be true – and our data has backed this for many years 

Here is what Dave Beesley had to say about his experience: 

“A big part of what we do at Cohesion goes beyond day-to-day recruitment activities – although being better at recruitment will always be at the core of our mission. The opportunity to join Kate and the team at Centre for Care and IMPACT, to discuss all things values-based recruitment was right up our street!  

Values-based recruitment is in our DNA at Cohesion, but we see and hear of inconsistent approaches adopted across social care. So, with this in mind, I jumped at the opportunity to speak about our approach to recruiting to values! With evidence of better recruitment and retention outcomes – and let’s face it – a better candidate experience when used properly, values-based recruitment is something that should be the norm in our recruitment processes.” 

Want to discuss Values based recruitment practice with Dave? Contact him at dave.beesley@cohesionrecruitment.com.

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