Talent Pools & Surveys

Best practice

Why it’s important

Talent pools are usually your biggest pool of untapped potential – these are candidates who have opted in to your organisation and should be prioritised over any external advertising.

Asking for feedback is important for any service being provided – and that means recruitment too. You can use feedback to ensure you’re giving candidates an outstanding recruitment process no matter what the outcome. Like customers; candidates talk and bad news travels fast!

Talent pools

Ensure to retain candidate details where they show potential but can’t be placed from the current recruitment campaign. If you’re specifically looking for set skills but they don’t hold them now – it’s good to have a pool of opportunity to revisit in the future. Be sure to gain permission from the candidate to retain their details on file and follow GDPR guidelines appropriately.

Once you have populated your talent pool, revisit them regularly and make sure you keep engaging with candidates by updating them on company news and new opportunities. Make sure they remember you the next time they’re job hunting!


Surveys can be sent out at all stages of the recruitment process to candidates and hiring managers alike. Feedback gathered allows you to make informed decisions and changes to your recruitment process where necessary.

Surveys are also useful once a candidate has started, in the form of retention and stay interviews which allow you to address any teething issues promptly and aid retention. Exit interviews produce similar useful information about why your employees are leaving allowing you to take action where needed.