5 Ways in Which Technology Can Improve Your Recruitment – Social Hire


Technology is something that is constantly improving and changing. So, of course Technology can play it’s role in helping improving the recruitment process.

Talent Director at Cohesion Recruitment discusses technology in recruitment in an article that was published on SocialHire in March 2019.

In this article, Dave highlights how technology can be used as a way to improve the recruitment process.

By implementing 5 different ways to improve recruitment, each step is explained fully in this article.


Read the full article here.

 In March 2019, Cohesion hosted their first Early Talent Insight Day discussing ‘Candidate Experience as a USP‘. CEO of Shortlister, David Dewey presented at the event and highlighted significant improvements that can help to improve your candidate experience through the use of technology. David provided a strategy on how to identify candidates pain points. Alongside highlighting just how simple technology can be utilised to deliver a standout candidate experience throughout the recruitment process. The event was a major success and some great points were raised by both guest speakers and attendees. If you would like to read more about what David had to say about, our most recent white paper is now available to read on our website here: David has also produced a webinar covering the same topic that he presented at our event. This webinar can be found here: https://youtu.be/0a4huSU31m0 

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