Overture event follow up

Overture event follow up

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Cohesion, Altura Learning and Care Friends webinar – Introducing our best practice recruitment model: Overture


Thank you to everyone who attended our event on Overture. We hope you found it useful. If you would like to view a recording of the webinar you can do so below. We are still collecting survey results for our futureproofing care survey and would really appreciate your input-  the link to the survey is below.


Q&A section

We have included a summary of the questions asked at the event.

How do you define the pre-employment process?

We are defining the pre-employment process as the period post offer but prior to starting. This is the part where we are collecting references and waiting for the DBS to be completed.

The demographics of new starters has a high percentage of 50 plus years old…what’s the average age of employees that use the Care Friends app?

We mapped the app demographics supplied to us from the app stores against the social care demographics and there was a very slight drop after 55 years old and a slight increase in under 25s but not a big difference. Our very first referrer was 59 years old!

Is there a values based screening tool?

As well as conducting a values based telephone interview with the recruitment team before a final stage interview with the hiring manager, we use Care Character as part of the Overture process. Care Character is a psychometric assessment tool which analyses the potential of the applicant against seven core qualities proven to determine success for frontline care positions. Both the candidate and the hiring manager receive bespoke reports to support with the recruitment process.

The learning is geared to older people provision, do you have anything for working age adults?

The tools that Keychange and other Altura members have at their disposal through our Bridge LMS allows them to create their own bespoke courses, so providers are free to make that fit their needs – and the audience/service. Yes there are off the shelf courses that cover a range of services, however, the real power is to create your own bespoke courses to bolster this – such as meet the team, vision and values of your service, why your organisation/the industry is so great to work in/for.

Surely they need to be paid for their pre employment training? How does this work?

You might decide as a provider that you will look at this post start or probation or offer other incentives e.g. through Care Friends bonuses, but in our recommended process the learning being offered is non-mandatory so candidates are not expected to do this before starting. What we have seen is a high uptake of candidates opting in to start learning before they start in paid employment.

Here are the various links mentioned during the webinar:

Altura Learning

Altura Learning is committed to providing flexible, responsive and innovative learning solutions of the highest quality that meet the needs of both employers, employees and individual learners.

Visit the Altura Learning website

Care Friends app

An employee referral app designed by Neil Eastwood, author of Saving Social Care.

Visit the Care Friends website

Futureproofing care survey

If you are involved in recruiting for care we would love to hear your thoughts. Please complete the survey below.

Futureproofing Care Survey


LinkedIn Group

We encourage all of you to continue to share and learn by joining our Social Care Recruitment group on LinkedIn

Cohesion Social Care LinkedIn Group


Psychometric Assessment

Care Character

If you would like a detailed conversation about Care Character, then please email will.shepherd@cohesionrecruitment.com


Recruitment requirements

If you would like to discuss any aspects of the recruitment solutions offered by Cohesion, then please contact Amanda Marques 07753 871926 or Danny Welsh 07864 653282


Care and Support Jobs

View our career in care website https://careandsupportjobs.co.uk

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