Overture – the best practice recruitment model

Overture – the best practice recruitment model

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Introducing the new best practice recruitment model: Overture


We are delighted to be part of a new recruitment model – Overture, which is a collaboration with Altura Learning and the Care Friends app. Altura Learning focus on delivering high quality learning through shared best practice. They are introducing their Skills for Care, Centre of Excellence endorsed learning into this wider recruitment and retention strategy. The Care Friends app optimises employee referrals through a rewards based employee referral app. Since the recent launch the app is having staggering results on retention and engagement levels for care businesses. We’ve jointly designed Overture, to collate industry best practice and develop a wider recruitment and retention strategy.


Social care recruitment has always been challenging for a variety of reasons. The sector faces high turnover and increasing demand for staff due to rise in numbers of people needing support. 2020 added in another layer of challenge as application numbers for roles sky rocketed after widespread redundancies from other sectors and increased interest caring jobs.


Overture seeks to increase engagement in the pre-boarding phase and reduce drop off between offer and start. The care sector sees up to a 50% drop off during pre employment and we believe the answer is better engagement. Organisations can also implement the Care Friends app to increase staff referrals for open roles.


A recent case study with Keychange Charity shows the excellent results achieved by improving engagement and adopting our pre-boarding methods for new starters.


If you would like to find out more about Overture either as a whole process or separate processes delivered by Cohesion, Altura or Care Friends we will be holding a webinar on 28th January. Not only will we be presenting the results of our case study and explaining the new model but we will also be sharing the results of the Futureproofing Care Survey. Altura will be presenting examples of how Altura members are authoring their own innovative content such as ‘meet the team inductions’ and ‘Skills for Care career videos’. Neil Eastwood will explain the benefits of implementing Care Friends and share some of the results he has seen so far in the app’s first year.


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