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Reducing agency spend for seven critical services and an additional onboarding project assisting with compliance checks

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As social care specialists dedicated to improving recruitment and retention, Cohesion provided a flexible solution when an in-house provision needed support. During the project, results included excellent conversions, high fill rates and a reduction in agency reliance.

Signature offers luxury, award-winning, residential, nursing and dementia care in a range of locations across London and the home counties.

The Solution

Signature and Cohesion partnered in the autumn of 2022 to explore how Cohesion’s recruitment model could improve recruitment outcomes using datadriven processes. Our specialists became an extended recruitment and retention team for 7 of Signature’s most critical services. Cohesion took time to obtain a deep understanding of the specific challenges and recruitment barriers faced before implementing our best practice.

The Results

The Results – Onboarding Project

Across our 7-month pilot, we achieved the following results:

292 offers made.
92% of candidates seen by line manager were suitable for offer.
Face to Face attendance rate of 83%.
Offer acceptance rate of 93%.
Vacancy fill rates of 140%.

A substantial reduction in the reliance of agency usage and spend, with a number of homes reporting zero agency spend. This was unprecedented for the critical locations.

Signature utilised Cohesion’s support as part of an additional onboarding project across all critical homes to support volume, maintain candidate engagement, and maximise offer to start conversions.

Cohesion took full accountability for the compliance checks of 150 candidates.
Achieved a turnaround time of offer to compliant of just 18 days.
An impressive offer to start conversion of 90% was also achieved.

Candidate Feedback

Client Feedback

100% of candidates agreed the recruiter they spoke to was polite, friendly, and made them feel at ease.

“The recruitment team’s personal contact, friendly & professional manner is highly appreciated. It puts Signature at a much higher level compared to applications at other organisations.”

100% of hiring managers rated Cohesion’s level of communication, responsiveness, and willingness to solve any issues as good to excellent.

“Our recruitment campaign with Cohesion not only filled critical vacancies promptly but also helped to achieve a significant decrease in agency spend. We received high quality candidates, accelerated hiring timelines, and ensured swift onboarding. It was a pleasure working with such a highly trained and experienced team.”
Will Guy, HR Director

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