Kickstart 2021 recruitment

Kickstart 2021 recruitment

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Kickstart your 2021 recruitment with Cohesion


Cohesion offer a range of recruitment and workforce solutions for the social care industry. Care and support providers of all sizes can be catered for and our bespoke recruitment options mean whether you need a full service or support with a certain area we can help. Our recruiters have been specialising in social care recruitment for twenty years and know exactly how challenging it can be. We also know how best to approach each stage of the process; we make best practice our business.  Let us help you with your 2021 recruitment requirements.


Fully outsourced recruitment

Let us take the pressure off your operations or HR team and free them up for other tasks. We will handle everything from job adverts to new starter interviews. We deliver end to end recruitment from attraction to onboarding expertly and transparently. Hire and retain the best talent for your business without lifting a finger.

Campaign and project recruitment

Have a very specific recruitment campaign or project in mind? Need to attract candidates quickly or trying to fill some tricky roles but don’t have the internal resource? We can handle this for you. Cohesion manage recruitment campaigns of all sizes within a range of industry sectors and our bespoke recruitment solutions will deliver the best quality talent to your door. We recently hired over 450 frontline care workers for The Orders of St John Care Trust. You can read about our approach here.

Assessment and selection

Overwhelmed by the number of applications for your active job roles? Or perhaps you’re not selecting the right candidates for hire? We can manage the assessment and selection process using Values Based Assessment to recruit applicants that embody your values and culture.

Engagement and Onboarding

Keeping candidates engaged, especially in these uncertain times, where a lot of the recruitment process currently has to be completed remotely is a real challenge. We will manage this process for you ensuring that all of your candidates have a fantastic recruitment experience which in turns protects brand reputation. We are always available to candidates and can support your business with pre-boarding candidates by managing admin heavy tasks such as referencing and DBS checks.

Exit and retention interviews

Exit and retention interviews are an excellent and in many organisations an underutilised way of gaining insightful feedback about your organisation from one of the key stakeholders – your employees. Exit interviews in particular yield more conclusive and actionable feedback if they are outsourced. Retention interviews, completed early on in the new employees career offer valuable insights into whether improvement in the recruitment experience is required for the future. We can handle both of these for you, freeing up your HR or operations team.

Recruitment toolkit/Recruit better

At Cohesion we believe recruiting better is the key to an engaged and energised workforce. We offer bespoke options as part of our recruitment toolkit that offers ATS technology designed for the care sector, and best practice guidance on how best to carry out recruitment where you decide to manage this in-house.

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