professional recruitment and selection methods

Whether you engage us for a specific volume recruitment project, to manage your temporary agency staff or to fully manage all of your outsourced recruitment, our technical recruitment and selection methods and results will meet the same exceptional standards.

Cohesion’s recruitment solutions are completely bespoke and designed to make the recruitment process deliver better talent that stays with your organisation for longer.





Outsourced Recruitment

Outsourced Recruitment - Turning Point

Project & Volume Recruitment


Kuehne + Nagel Driver and Warehouse Recruitment


Temporary Managed Service


A2Dominion temporary managed service


Graduate Recruitment

Danone Graduate Recruitment


Management information and reporting



Temporary Managed Service


Graduate Recruitment


Telephone or video assessment

ABF graduate recruitment assessment methods

Assessment Centres


Wartsila Graduate Assessment Centres





Employee Branding

Working with you and your team, immersing ourselves in your culture to create a seamless recruitment experience that reflects your brand. 

Strategic Sourcing

Sourcing allows us access to a wider pool of talent. We know where to find the best people and will tailor our sourcing approach to your needs.

Talent Pool Management

Just because a candidate isn’t a good fit right now, doesn’t mean they won’t be in the future. Our ATS also acts as a talent pool, meaning top quality people are ready and waiting for the right opportunity within your organisation.



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Candidate Engagement

Keeping your candidates right up to date throughout the recruitment process. We use various social media tools and the phone to keep it personal.

Screening & Assessment

Finding the right way to find the great people for your business – complex screening and assessing techniques tailored to your individual criteria.

Telephone or Video Assessment

Tailoring the way we assess your candidates and hold telephone and video interviews before they reach the final stage of the process.

Assessment Centres

Tailoring the creation and application of your bespoke assessment centre to help you find the right people.


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Offer Management & Employee On-boarding

On-boarding starts during the recruitment process, with the experience new employees receive defining their engagement with you. Managing offers and on-boarding cements this engagement.

Exits & Retention Interviews

Gaining a true sense of your employee’s and your ex-employee’s perceptions of your business by conducting exit and retention interviews. Refine the recruitment process by finding out why your staff stay or leave.

Managing Pre-employment




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Complete Recruitment Solution

Our recruitment experts will work in partnership with you to create and implement an effective recruitment process that will add value and save time and resource whilst delivering top talent to your door.


Using our own in-house Applicant Tracking System to reduce time and paperwork, as well as providing a more efficient and complete recruitment solution.

Management Information & Reporting

Creating meaningful management information and reports that assist us in transforming your processes and ultimately, your business.




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