Recruitment Toolkit

Stay a step ahead with the Cohesion Social Care Recruitment toolkit, designed to help you discover the most effective processes and practices.
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Competitive Recruitment Advantage With The Cohesion Social Care Recruitment Toolkit

Recruitment policy and guidance

Strategy in accordance with different role types as we recognise that one size does not fit all

Market Analysis

Which factors impact the recruitment function (e.g. state of the employment market, workforce diversity trends, competitor analysis etc.)? How does this influence company growth plans?

Candidate Management Guidance

Information guides to support best practice in managing the candidate journey. Does technology play a positive role in improving recruitment outcomes?

Assessment tools & techniques

Putting consistent, clear and measurable assessment and selection tools and methods in place which result in higher quality hires. Creation of a suite of assessment/interview questions, positive and negative indicators, and scoring guidance.

Interview Skills Training Programme

Is there dedicated resource/capability which has complete accountability for driving recruitment outcomes? Where in the business is recruitment expertise and is it being utilised effectively? Design of an interview skills training programme for hiring managers

Recommended SLAs

Creation of recommended SLAs that can be used to measure recruitment performance, A suite of surveys that can be used to obtain feedback from candidates and hiring managers alike.

Our Solutions

Fully Outsourced Recruitment

Delivering end to end in-house recruitment services from attraction to an onboarding.

Targeted Attraction Strategies

Online and offline branding and attraction to your target applicant audience.

Exit and Retention Interviews

Identify why people leave, and how to retain your employees.

Campaign and Project Recruitment

Bespoke recruitment and compliance projects delivering high-quality talent.

Assessment and Selection

A bank of tried and tested screening and assessment techniques.

Data and Analytics

Taking advantage of big data in recruitment.

Agency & Bank Management

Add value, visibility and compliance to your temporary workforce.

Engagement and Onboarding

Ensuring that applicants have best-in-class engagement with your organisation.

Recruitment Toolkit

Learn from our recruitment toolkit for social care.

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