Recruitment and workforce issues affecting the care sector

Recruitment and workforce issues affecting the care sector

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Hot half dozen of care recruitment issues – what’s keeping the care sector awake at night?

The past 12 months has been an unprecedented challenge for all, but the care sector really bore the brunt and is now facing exacerbation of some existing issues as well as new ones relating to the Covid fall out.

Amanda Marques,Director of Cohesion, and ambassador for Championing Social Care will be discussing the ‘hot half dozen’ issues currently facing the sector at a number of upcoming events – the next two in the calendar are Hampshire Care Association Forum on the 29th of April and Essex Care Association Forum on the 6th May at 2pm. As part of the discussion, we’ll be answering:

  • How do we capitalise on increased interest in the care sector? With social care under the spotlight for much of the last 12 months and other sectors facing widespread redundancies there has been an upturn in job applications.
  • How do we ensure reduced agency spend does not spiral again?  With infection control at the forefront care organisations should aim to avoid using agency staff where possible.
  • What tools are available to really embed values based recruitment? Filling the required deficit for frontline care will have utilise valued based recruitment – there are simply not enough experienced care workers for the roles.
  • Is more digitalisation a positive step? The recruitment process has become more and more digitalised especially with Covid restrictions making face to face difficult.
  • How do we ensure better engagement with our candidates? Drop off from the recruitment process has always been a concern for the care sector.
  • Retention – is there a storm brewing? Historically retention has been more of a problem for the care sector than recruitment/attraction

Stay posted and we will answer these questions and share other insights about care recruitment issues.


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