Part One: Why Engage an External Recruitment Partner Alongside Your Internal Team?

In social care’s ever-changing employment market, deciding which route to take to achieve better recruitment and retention results can be tricky.

At Cohesion, we collaborate with internal teams, whether in recruitment or operations, to navigate them to success.  We believe it’s the basis for excellent recruitment and retention practice. Time and time again, we complement and enhance existing recruitment processes.

So, why supplement your existing function with additional support?

Over the next two blogs, we’ll be exploring the benefits of engaging an expert recruitment partner when you have an internal team managing recruitment – as reported by care providers.

Let’s begin with the first three…

#1. Time to focus.

Working with an external partner allows you to free up resources to focus on specific vacancies, tasks, or strategic recruitment projects. That might be laser focus on recruiting in high agency spend areas allowing for a reduction in costs, or perhaps for a new home or service opening.

Be sure to explore the different services available from a partner, such as campaign recruitment, compliance projects, or agency management – so that you can maximise your return on investment.

#2. Market insight.

For any organisation, consistently maintaining an outward-looking perspective can be challenging. You only know what you know, right?

Working with an external partner means you have the benefit of knowledge and expertise from recruiting in different care settings right across the sector. Often this means access to ‘big data’ – rather than insights solely from within your own organisation.

#3. New opportunities.

The care sector workforce isn’t particularly diverse, and this must change to meet the future demands of our society. An external provider will open new channels and identify routes to engaging with other audiences – such as young people or men.

This might involve building relationships with local colleges to attract students, or ensuring under-represented candidates can find people like them in recruitment marketing collateral.

Stay tuned for our next instalment, where we’ll share even more benefits of engaging an external recruitment partner alongside your internal team…

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